The Doves of Synchronicity (paperback)


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This is the paperback version, 330 pages. ISBN 978-0-9832534-0-2

Shipped from Phoenix, AZ.

2 reviews for The Doves of Synchronicity (paperback)

  1. Anne

    This real life experience is beautifully written and a wonderful help to anyone who has suffered a loss. A courageous sharing of such intimacies, it also tells a very compelling story. Real, a page turner, and mysterious; you will need a box of tissue, but be left with the feeling that all is as it should be in our universe. Now it sits on my shelf to be read again some day.

    Rating: *****

    — Anne McGrath

  2. Lit Amri

    Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

    The Doves of Synchronicity by Bryan Flamig tells his own true story as a socially awkward computer programmer who finds a home in the local bluegrass and folk music circles in Phoenix, Arizona. There he meets Catherin, an enigmatic guitar player, who asks Bryan to join her band. Sets in the late 1980s, this emotional memoir tells the story of finding love, tragic loss and one’s journey of soul healing.

    A very personal memoir that is profound, moving and inspiring. It evolved from a journal that Bryan Flamig wrote after Catherin Delaney’s death. For me, The Doves of Synchronicity is a touching reminder of how short our life could be when we least expect it; we should never take anything for granted. The loss of Catherin and the manner of her death is devastating. Flamig’s accounts of his time in the bluegrass band are delightful and the discussions of metaphysics and spirituality are quite enlightening.

    But the narrative is most magical when he expresses his feelings about Catherin. Unfortunately, the memoir is not a fairy tale. The most poignant moments are perhaps Flamig’s struggle to move on after her death. All in all, I am grateful that I read this beautiful memoir and thankful that Bryan Flamig shared his story with the rest of the world about Catherin. It is good to know that he has moved on and living a good life now. I am happy to recommend The Doves of Synchronicity to all readers.

    Rating: *****

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